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Why Rent When Buying a Hot Water Heater Pays for Itself?

A water heater pays for itself in as little as 4½ years. The professionals at Salmon Plumbing and Heating will help you select the right water heater for your family.
If you like the easy payments from renting a heater, that’s not a problem. We can help you finance a water heater with similar payments.

Are You Currently Renting Your Hot Water Heater?

Click here to read why so many people in Ontario rent their water heater. We’ve also provided some links to news stories about rental hot water heaters.

Tank Water Heating

Tank Water Heaters provide a large volume of dependable, low-cost hot water. They are the most common way to heat water. Residential tank water heaters typically store between 40 and 60 gallons of hot water, usually at the factory setting of 120°F. The temperature can be adjusted up or down by a control on the unit.

Upgrading a bathroom to a master suite or installing a spa may require upgrading to a larger capacity unit, especially if the new bathroom will include a deep soaking tub or a multi-head shower system. Replacing an existing tank water heater with another tank water heater keeps labour costs to a minimum.

Tank water heaters heat the water even when there is no demand. Insulation between the storage tank and the outer jacket slows the heat loss, but cannot eliminate it entirely. To maintain a preset water temperature, the water heater cycles on periodically.

Tank water heaters generally have about 70% usable capacity, meaning a typical 50-gallon tank has about 30-35 gallons of truly hot water in reserve for usage. If there is high demand over a short period (a family taking back-to-back showers in the morning), the hot water can run out. When it does, homeowners have to wait for the water to re-heat.

Tanks water heaters need to be sized for the size of your family. Tank water heaters also need to be sized according to the climate. In our area, incoming water temperatures are considerably lower in the winter. This means your water heater has to work harder in the winter months.

Heating hot water with natural gas is very economical. Look at your gas bill in the summer and compare it to the winter months. In the summer, you are normally only using gas to heat your water. Gas used for heating water is a small part of your bill. Tank water heaters are the most economical choice for the majority of homeowners.

There are several brands and types of tank water heaters. Salmon Plumbing will recommend a brand and type of heater to best suit your application. Older homes with chimneys may be using atmospheric vented heaters. Newer homes may require power vented heaters. We’ll help you find the correct heater for your situation.

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Tankless Hot Water Heating

We get lots of questions about tankless water heaters. No matter how many body sprays and showerheads, no matter how deep the whirlpool, you will not run out of hot water with a properly sized tankless water heating system.

Tankless gas water heaters are more energy-efficient than conventional tank heaters, because they eliminate the need to maintain a large supply of pre-heated water. Tankless units provide hot water on demand at a precise temperature, there is no hot water stored and no energy used to heat water sitting in a tank.

Tankless heaters are about the size of a medicine cabinet, and can easily be wall-mounted. The ability to place a tankless water heater closer to the point of use solves the problem of a long wait for hot water. That problem is not solved by simply replacing a tank water heater with a tankless water heater in the same place. Delays in hot water delivery have to do with where the water heater is located, not the type of water heater.

Tankless water heaters have digital wall-mounted controls and even remote controls that make it easy for homeowners to adjust the temperature as often as they wish. Homeowners might want exactly 120°F for the dishwasher, but only 106°F for the baby’s bath time, and back up to 110°F to fill the tub to the preferred temperature for a relaxing soak.

Even though tankless heaters are more energy-efficient, they are usually selected for lifestyle reasons. The higher cost of installation generally will exceed energy savings.

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