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Home Reno Rebates

Get up to $5,000 Back

Including a $1,000 Rebate for Your New Furnace or Boiler

Plus an Additional $250 Furnace Rebate from IESO*

* You must replace your existing furnace with a high efficiency furnace listed on the “Eligible ECM List”.

ECM stands for Electronically Commutated Motor. Click here to read about the SaveONEnergy program from IESO.

The Home Reno Rebate Program from Union Gas has partnered with the Government of Ontario and Save on Energy to provide up to $5000 in renovation rebates if eligibility requirements are met. Improve your home and make it more energy efficient!




Before you spend money on an energy audit for your home, call Salmon Plumbing & Heating for a free assessment of your home comfort needs. We’ll help you determine if it makes sense to replace your equipment. We’ll also help you select a furnace or boiler that will qualify for the rebates. We’ll help you get started with the next step of contacting a participating certified energy advisor in your area. This is an independent third party who will test the efficiency of your home and provide you with a list of improvements to make your home more energy efficient.



Your energy advisor will conduct a pre-renovation assessment on your home. Going from basement to attic, your home’s current energy use is determined and a final report will outline the upgrades you should consider. This assessment takes 2-3 hours. Upon completion of the program you will be reimbursed up to $550 for the cost of the assessment, excluding HST.



To qualify for the program you must complete at least 2 of the eligible renovations. Have a registered contractor perform work such as replacement windows and improved insulation. Salmon Plumbing & Heating is registered to do boilers, furnaces, air conditioners and hot water heaters.



Contact your energy advisor to come back to your home to conduct a post renovation assessment. This inspection will take 1-2 hours and must be completed within 120 days of your first assessment. Your energy advisor will show you how much difference your upgrades have made to your energy efficiency. Your advisor will submit all the required paperwork to Union Gas. Your rebate cheque will arrive within 90 business days of submission.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new furnace or boiler, hot water heater, heat pump or air conditioner give us a call today at (519)451-8910.

Salmon Plumbing & Heating can help you determine if new equipment makes sense for you and whether or not this program can work for you. We are always pleased to visit your home to provide a no obligation, no cost assessment of your home comfort needs.

Londoners have been entrusting Salmon Plumbing & Heating with their home comfort needs since 1955.


The Home Reno Rebates are Changing

Effective Nov. 1, 2018, the Union Gas partnership with the Government of Ontario will be ending. Non-Union Gas customers and customers who heat their homes with oil, propane, or wood will no longer be eligible to enrol in the Home Reno Rebate program. In addition, the upgrade rebate levels enhanced through the partnership will be reduced. If you are not a Union Gas customer, heat your home with the fuel types above and/or would like to be eligible for the current program rebates you must have a pre-renovation energy assessment completed by Oct. 31, 2018 and have the post-renovation assessment completed within 120 days.

More details are available on the Union Gas Website

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