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Salmon Full Service Toilet Installation

Why Purchase Toilet from Salmon Plumbing?

We have taken the guess work out of selecting a quality toilet. Although many toilets appear similar, they are not equal in quality. Our plumbing staff have selected and tested this collection of toilets to provide a range of features and prices to accommodate your needs while ensuring a quality product.

A Salmon Full Service Installation includes:

Five steps to Decide which Toilet is Best for You:

  1. Bowl Height
    • Optional Chair Height or Right Height (16-17")
    • for Seniors, Taller People, Back and Leg Problems
  2. Bowl Shape
    • Round Bowl for Small Spaces
    • Elongated Bowl for More Comfort
  3. Flush Performance
    • 600 grams of solids = Better Performance
    • 1000 grams = Excellent Performance
  4. Flush Volume (Older Toilets use 13 ltr+ per flush)
    • New Toilets use 6 ltr or less
    • Dual Flush has Best Performance
  5. Optional Slow Closing Seat (No Slamming)

Salmon toilets include a white tank, round front bowl, standard seat height, seat with lid, flex supply line, new anchor bolts, emergency shut-off valve and a new wax seal.

Options include; colour, elongated bowl, higher seat height and slow closing lid. We've grouped toilets as good, better and best.

Salmon Toilets Sorted - Good, Better, Best

Vienna Single Flush

Toto Eco Drake

American Standard
Cadet Pro

American Standard

American Standard Studio

American Standard Champion

Sydney Smart, Dual Flush

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