Heating and Cooling Rebates

Rebates are Still Available!

Many homeowners are under the impression that all rebates for furnaces and air conditioners have been cancelled. This is not correct.

The Union Gas Home Reno Rebates and the IESO SaveONenergy Rebates are STILL available and add up to big savings for Londoners upgrading to more efficient home comfort equipment.

In the recent provincial election, Ontario Progressive Conservative party leader Doug Ford, promised to cancel the province’s Cap & Trade program. Since the election, he has given notice that Ontario intends to withdraw from the carbon pricing market, Western Climate Initiative (WCI), under which Ontario was a party along with Quebec and California. He has cancelled the GreenOn Rebate Program.

If you are looking to update your gas furnace, gas boiler or central air, be sure you get the rebates that are STILL available to you.

Our advice is to have us visit your home for a free assessment. You may be surprised how easy and affordable it is to improve your home’s comfort and reduce your energy bills. Don’t delay, take advantage of these great programs, while they are still in place.