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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Bill Salmon discusses scheduling:

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Brock Salmon talks about low flush toilets:

Brock Salmon goes over shutting down outdoor taps:

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Brock & Bill go into detail on the bleed valve for your outdoor faucet:

Bill reminds you not to forget the faucet in the garage:

Bill Salmon gives some tips on hoses:

Bill Salmon talks about warnings of sewer problems:

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Bill Salmon talks about tankless hot water heaters:

Bill discusses tankless water heater repair costs and their advantages:

Brock Salmon talks about video inspection of drains:

Brock Salmon warns about keeping your sump pump outlet clear of snow:

Brock Salmon talks about some of the d-i-y plumbing products:

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Bill and Brock talk about using plastic pipe: