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Monthly Savings on Utilities with a New High Efficiency Furnace*


* A new high efficiency furnace with 90-97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) and an ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor).
Savings include gas and hydro to run the furnace. Savings assume continuous fan operation.

** Houses built after 1990 generally will have better insulation, doors, windows, etc. Savings will generally be higher in older homes. Study assumes the detached home is 2,000 square feet. Savings will be greater in larger homes. Study assumes Semi-detached home is 1,500 sq. feet and Townhouse is a 1,000 sq. foot inside unit (2 warm walls).

*** Older conventional furnaces that exhaust through a chimney are typically only 60% efficient. They will use a belt drive motor that requires more energy to run and does not move air as well as the new ECM's.

Calculations are made on averages obtained from Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency. The savings shown are calculated for our climate zone. Actual savings will vary with the size and age of your house and the efficiency of your current equipment. Energy costs include Transportation Fees and HST.

We Did Our Own Study!

We wanted to confirm the numbers with one of our customers right here in London. The customer has a 1,500 square foot split level home that was built in 1967. The customer replaced the original furnace with a new high efficiency furnace in September 2009. We analyzed 6 years of utility bills to quantify the average savings. The average annual savings in gas for this customer is $632. The customer is also seeing $374 per year in hydro savings. Average monthly savings are $83.

The house has central air conditioning, so the furnace fan is used year round. The customer advised us that the air conditioning on the second floor was dramatically improved with the new furnace installation. In addition to utility savings, the home's overall comfort improved.