A New Furnace Can Pay for Itself

New Furnace For Free

With Payments from $49.00 per Month


Utility Savings of $47.00 to $90.00 per Month**

Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

If you own a conventional furnace**, you can use the chart below to estimate your savings:

2,000 sq.ft. detached
built before 1990

2,000 sq.ft. detached
built after 1990

1,500 sq.ft.

1,000 sq.ft.

**Older conventional furnaces that exhaust through a chimney are only 60% efficient. Savings will be greater in larger and older homes. If you own a mid-efficiency furnace you can also see sizeable savings. Utility cost savings include both gas and hydro.

Click here for more details about these energy saving calculations.

Call us today, we can get your new system installed quickly! Start enjoying improved comfort and energy savings today. We can also arrange financing and you can let your energy savings pay for some or all of your new equipment.