Maintenance and Protection Plans

We are pleased to offer a program of pre-scheduled annual maintenance and protection for you home comfort system. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently. It has been proven that regular maintenance prolongs equipment life, reduces energy consumption and helps you avoid costly repairs. Gas fired equipment that is not properly serviced is one of the major causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. Our skilled technicians check CO (carbon monoxide) levels in your home to prevent dangerous conditions from developing.

Did you know that emergency service calls can cost $175.00 or more? Furnace motors can cost over $250 and furnace circuit boards can cost over $400. Avoid costly surprises with one of our protection plans.

Silver Maintenance Plan, Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

Gold Maintenance Plan, Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

Bronze Plan

Prevent problems before they arise. We perform an extensive performance check-up and cleaning on your home comfort system.

Silver Plan

Our Silver Plan includes labour coverage with the preventative maintenance. If you require service during the agreement period you pay for parts only, unless they are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan offers maximum protection and piece of mind. Parts and labour coverage is added to the preventative maintenance check-up. If you require additional service during the agreement period, you’ll be fully covered.

Choose the plan that best suits your individual needs. Let us take care of your home comfort system year round. Plans can be tailored to include both your furnace and air conditioner. Custom plans can include one or two maintenance visits per year. As part of our visit we can advise you on how to best operate your system.

Furnace Maintenance Includes:

  • Inspection of airflow system
  • lubrication and cleaning
  • inspect & adjust combustion & venting system
  • safety & efficiency check
  • carbon monoxide test

Air Conditioning Maintenance Includes:

  • Inspection of airflow system
  • clean outside unit
  • check/lubricate fans
  • check condensate drains
  • check electrical connections
  • check refrigerant charge

Service, Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

8 Great Reasons to Invest in a Maintenance Protection Plan

  1. Manufacturer Requirement – If you don’t have regular maintenance and there is a part failure, your warranty may be declined.
  2. Prolong Equipment Life – Your furnace and air conditioner are a big investment, like you car, they require regular tune-ups. Correct minor problems before they become major expenses.
  3. Energy Savings – Reduce your energy consumption by up to 10% with proper adjustments and cleaning.
  4. Safety – Venting, flame sensing, safety switches and drain lines of furnaces should be checked every year.
  5. Discounts – Save over $50 by combining your furnace and air conditioner on the same plan. We’ll service your furnace in the fall and return in the spring for your air conditioner.
  6. Priority Service – Receive priority over other customers for emergency service.
  7. Certified, Licensed Mechanics
  8. Worry Free Protection – Regularly scheduled appointments.