GENERALAire Humidifiers, Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

MAC Series Air Cleaners

GENERALAire MAC Series Air Cleaners, Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

GeneralAire MAC Series Air Cleaners efficiently remove airborne microscopic particulates indoors to leave you with fresher air so you can breathe a little easier!

GENERALAire High Efficiency Air Cleaners Feature Opti-Fiber Media.

  • A highly efficient depth loading filter media that captures particulates deep within the layers of media fibers.
  • Opti-Fiber Media delivers an effective Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) that performs to remove airborne particulates efficiently down to 1.0 micron.
  • The Spun bonded fibers are free of chemical binders and considered hydrophobic – they do not absorb moisture.
  • The Opti-Fiber high initial efficiency media resists shredding to assure reliable and dependable dust fighting capabilities.