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Furnace Standards

Changes to Furnace Standards in Canada

Effective January 1, 2010

Gas furnaces manufactured for most residential applications must have a minimum fuel efficiency level of 90%, effective January 1, 2010. Home owners will no longer be able to purchase mid-efficiency furnaces. Mid-efficiency furnaces had to meet the old minimum standard, which was 78%.

High-efficiency furnaces achieve a minimum 90% efficiency through condensing technology. These furnaces minimize the amount of heat that is exhausted from the furnace. Exhaust on these furnaces goes through a plastic vent pipe which is typically routed through a side wall. The furnace may also require an air intake pipe for combustion, which is usually routed next to the vent pipe.

The new standards are part of Canada’s ongoing effort to address climate change. A new furnace can also result in significant energy savings to the home owner. Depending on the age of your current furnace, you could reduce your energy usage by up to 35%. The energy savings you realize will depend on the size and construction of your home. Give us a call at (519) 451-8910. We’ll be glad to give you a complimentary assessment on replacing your furnace.

In most homes, the installation of a high-efficiency furnace will require changes to your furnace venting system and quite often the venting of your hot water heater. In some homes, installation can be complicated. We offer you peace of mind through 55 years of experience in London, and our qualified fully licensed installation staff. We service what we sell and offer maintenance packages for all new equipment. We are large enough to count on, but small enough to value your business.