Ductless Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Salmon Plumbing and Heating services, maintains and repairs all brands of heat pumps and ductless splits including:

Daikin, Fujitsu, Halcyon, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sanyo, Zuba.

Daikin 17 Series Ductless Split

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning is also often referred to as a mini-split. The ductless systems have components that are located inside and outside the home. The indoor and outdoor components are connected by copper refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring.

Ductless units do not rely on air ducts to move air throughout your home. A ductless air conditioner is designed to cool a single room. Multi-head units are also available, which allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms.

Common Applications:

  • Homes heated with hot water boilers, radiators, in-floor heating or electric baseboard heaters. These are often older homes without ductwork.
  • 2nd floor rooms that your central air system does not do a good job of cooling.
  • Additions, sunrooms or garages.
  • To replace window air conditioners, with a quieter more efficient unit.

Heat Pumps

Ductless systems are also available with a heating option. Heat pumps can provide supplemental heat to the same room that you are trying to cool. Heat Pumps are more efficient than electric baseboard heaters.

How Does it Work?

Because refrigerant is naturally much colder than outdoor temperatures even on a very cold day, it actually absorbs heat from outdoors, and transfers the heat it absorbed outside to within your home. The refrigerant’s physical properties do this naturally. What you pay for is the electricity to pump refrigerant via copper tubing from outdoors to indoors. Because we move the heat rather than create it (as electric baseboard or resistant heat does), we can deliver up to 4 times the heat for the energy we consume!

Come spring and summer, simply reverse the process and put the same system into “cooling mode” and transfer heat from indoors to the outside. For many climates, the advanced technology that goes into these units creates a far more cost effective alternative to electric baseboard heaters, or a central ducted system for air conditioning.

Daikin Air Intelligence
Daikin Comfort Pro Dealer | Salmon Plumbing & Heating
Daikin Ductless Split, Indoors

Daikin 17 Series

These systems feature streamlined, wall mounted indoor units paired with quiet compact outdoor units.

Daikin 17 Series Ductless Split Features:

  • Energy Efficient – 17 SEER
  • Cooling Range 50° to 115°F (10° to 46°C)
  • Indoor Sound as low as 23 dB(A)
  • Air Purifying Filter
  • Auto Fan Speed Control
  • Self-Diagnostics with Digital Display
  • Auto Restart after Power Failure
  • Remote Control
  • 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty


  • Heat Pump Option
  • Heating Range 5° to 65°F (-15° to 18°C)
  • Multi-head with separate temperature control in each room
  • Floor or Ceiling Heads instead of the Wall-Mount shown
Daikin Ductless Split Remote Control
Daikin Ductless Split Remote Control
10 Year Parts Limited Warranty
Daikin Ductless Multi-Zone
Daikin Ductless Multi-Zone