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Drifting Snow

What do Snowdrifts have to do with my Furnace?

Furnace Exhaust, Salmon Plumbing & Heating, London, Ontario

We always receive service calls after a snow storm. Drifting snow can block the intake and exhaust pipes from your high-efficiency furnace. Your furnace has sensors to shut it down when this occurs.

If your high efficiency furnace shuts down during a snow storm, check that the air intake and exhaust at the side of your house is clear of drifting or piled snow. High efficiency boilers or water heaters can experience the same issues.

Keep the air intake and exhaust pipes for your furnace clear. If you are using a snow blower, be careful not to direct the snow towards these pipes. If you are shoveling snow, don’t pile it up near these pipes.

If you have a fresh air exchanger (HRV) it is advisable not to use it when we are receiving heavy or gusting snow. This is to avoid drawing snow into the unit.