Annual Furnace Maintenance

Annual Furnace Maintenance

I have a new gas furnace. Do I have to pay for annual maintenance?

Many new furnaces & air conditioners come with a 10 year parts warranty for consumer piece of mind. Some people believe that if they have new equipment and are protected by a good warranty, there is no need for them to pay for annual maintenance.

All manufacturers require regular maintenance for the furnace or air conditioning system before they will honour the warranty. Salmon Plumbing and Heating offers our customers an enhanced warranty including labour for 10 years. All it takes is annual maintenance to keep your parts and labour warranty in effect. We try to contact our customers annually and remind them to schedule maintenance, because we know how important this can be.

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One of Our Customers Recently Avoided a $600 Repair

Recently we serviced a customer that had purchased a brand new furnace and air conditioner 4 years ago. Our technician discovered that the evaporator coil for their central air was faulty and needed to be replaced.

This is a costly job. It’s not something the technician can repair while he’s there. We needed to order parts and make another service call to do the job. The evaporator coil is an expensive part and because it is located within the plenum above your furnace, it’s a big job to replace it.

Once the faulty part has been replaced, we also have to re-charge the cooling system with new refrigerant. The total bill for labour and refrigerant was over $600. This does not even include the cost of the evaporator coil itself.

We take pride in the equipment we sell. We take great pains to supply our customers with the best quality equipment on the market. Unfortunately even good equipment can fail. Fortunately this customer had scheduled annual maintenance and saved themselves a $600 surprise.

There are Other Great Reasons for Annual Furnace Maintenance

Well maintained equipment is more efficient. Your furnace and air conditioner will use less gas and hydro when they have been serviced by a trained technician. Manufacturers estimate that you can reduce your annual utility bills up to 10% with proper maintenance.

Annual maintenance is also important for your family’s safety. Our technicians check that no carbon monoxide is making its’ way into your home’s atmosphere. We sometimes find very dangerous situations like a cracked heat exchanger, which you can read about by clicking this link.

Bill Salmon explains how to keep your warranty valid with annual maintenance: