Air Conditioner Covers

We, at Salmon Plumbing, recommend that you do not use air conditioner covers on your outside air conditioning unit in the winter. Moisture will collect underneath the cover. Moisture buildup will cause damage to the electrical components inside the air conditioner unit.

When you are ready to turn on your furnace in the fall, you will need to pay some attention to your air conditioner to shut it down.

Clear the area and unit of twigs, leaves and debris. If you are concerned about leaves and debris falling in the unit, we recommend that you put a board on top of the unit, weighed down with a few bricks. Inside the house, we suggest that you turn off the power to the air conditioner at the electrical panel. This will ensure that the unit is not inadvertently turned on in the cold weather. Be sure to remember to take the cover back off in the spring.

There are air conditioner covers that can be purchased. If you buy a cover, select one that does not go all the way to the ground. This will allow the required air circulation, preventing moisture damage.

Air Conditioner Covers

Use a Board Weighed Down with Bricks

At the Salmon Plumbing shop we have 3 air conditioning units. We do not cover any of them during the winter.

Air conditioners should be serviced annually by a professional to extend their life. Annual servicing is also required to maintain warranties, improve performance and maintain energy efficiency.

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